When my father called from the Bexar county jail, there was one call where his voice was not transmitting.This I know from other conversations after that call.

I am very very very upset about it. Why in the *** did you rip me off? You are the real criminals. I should be sufficiently compensated for the pain your inadequate services caused to myself and my father.

That is so obviously the TRUE American way. You want a minimum of one hundred words. Really people your logic is so obviously for the birds. I am a very upset disabled person who comes from a very large family that has my back always.

Unless I receive compensation, such as a letter verifying legally 100 dollars at the least on my phone so he can call, I will get them in days.It does not take that long, but I like to give a little bit of leeway, just so maybe you can pull your heads all the way out of your ugly ***.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #208783

I bet your dad scanned people, just like you are doing by demanding $100. Perhaps one day you will end up in jail as well.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #208782

Well your dad caused pain and suffering to others most likely and that is why he is in jail.He is not a productive member of society so he deserves his treatment.

If he did not break the law he would not be in jail. He is in jail not in a funhouse.

Why should he feel any confort.If anything you should be ashamed of him and not want to speak to him at all.


As always, remember you only are given the right to have ONE phone call.Anything beyond that, unless it's contacting your lawyer, is a privilege and can be taken away at any moment for any reason with or without warning.

Very often, in the case of inmate phone calls, the guards will sanitize the messages.

This means that if they hear ANYTHING that sounds like a plan for an escape or illegal activity, then the guards will end the call.

It's not inadequate services in this case, but the law enforcement taking actions based on what they perceived as a threat.Most likely, your father used the wrong key words, prompting the system to lock him down from the phone.

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