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On December 4th I actually won 2 auctions- nothing large, just 2 small kitchen appliances from quibids "home & garden" category. Within minutes of winning, I immediately processed my payments to quibids through Paypal and was notified within an hour that my credit card had been debited & quibids had received my payment.

On their webpage, quibids quotes 100's of "happy" winners who received their merchandise within days of winning their auctions. Nothing could be further from the truth!!! After a week of receiving no confirmation whatsoever from quibids, I emailed them to check on the status of my 2 orders. Turns out they claim to have no record of my first winning auction and I have received nothing back from quibids to resolve my complaint- no refund, no merchandise, no email, no nothing...

The second item (a George Foreman grill) was "out of stock" and quibids claimed they were "having trouble with this particular vendor fulfilling their orders". Quibids finally notified me that my grill was shipped via FedEx and I received it on 12/11. The shipping charge I had to pay when I won the auction was $20. When I received my grill though, I was immediately struck with how- after shelling out $20 for shipping- it was not packaged in any way to be transported halfway across the country!!!

It had not been shipped in any type of protective carton- just the "factory" box that you would find it in on a shelf at any local store with my name & address scribbled on the box with a Sharpie. Worse still, the "factory" box was not even sealed and one of the cardboard flaps was sticking out from the side of the box. I was not terribly surprised then, when I opened the box and removed the grill, the entire plastic top of the grilling assembly was cracked beyond repair. So now, after winning 2 auctions I am left with 1 item quibids can't account for and a second that is damaged beyond repair & is completely useless.

What a waste of time and money! My hunch is that quibids sells refurbished *** that vendors are trying to unload then passes the already damaged junk off to unwilling "winners" like me who get their shorts ripped off in the end.

Please, please, please- I know the quibids pitch sounds appealing and it's easy to get caught up in their addictive 1 or 2 cent auctions- but avoid this company like grim death!!! Your chances of winning are slim at best and even if you win- YOU LOSE!!!

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Not to minimize your wrath since obviously your experience with quibids has been was really horrible and if I was you I would pursue any and all remedies. When you win a bid you automatically get an email stating that you've won.

If you still have this you should be able to make your case for that item.

Now, my experience in the short time I've "played" with Quibids has been extremely positive.I've won a 19" LCD/DVD TV, a 1TB hard drive, a paper trimmer, 2 Mulisha bags, and I've never paid more then $5 including the bids I used at .60 a pop.

So thanks for the warning so that I can continue to be cautious with my hard earn dollars. I do hope that you can get things resolved to your satisfaction.

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