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Exede agreed to refund money but I am out $50 for wiring that the subcontractor said was required. Not sure it was required or not since the company is deceptive.

Exede said they were unable to refund that which was acceptable to me. Hopefully, my wiring actually needed updgrading but I feel fortunate to have only lost $50 if that from these scammers.

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On 1/10/2018, I received a call from (863) 256-2191 after having contacted DirecTV the day prior and ordering cable services. The woman claimed to be associated with DirecTV and explained to me that due to my new affilication with DirecTV that I was eligible for a great promo offer.

I explained to her that I had asked DirecTV about internet when I spoke to a rep the day prior and was told that they do not provide internet. She then explained to me that they were an Exede subcontractor (Superior Installations -- although she did not tell me the name of the company, I found out during a phone call that I made to Exede the afternoon of the installation). She told me that the promo was $19.99/mo for 15-25 and $29 for 25-50 with unlimited data. I have NO IDEA why I didn't research (since I am a research fanatic) before agreeing to this.

We were paying $80/mo through Spectrum for $50 so I told her to sign me up. She set it up for 8am the following morning. The subcontractor showed up, installed it and left. DirecTV didn't show up by noon as promised so I started checking into other cable services and was told by a friend that I should check into a streaming cable service, which I did and decided I wanted to proceed with that instead.

I was told when I called the streaming company (vstreamtv) that I needed a stronger internet (I had only gone with the 15-25 plan because I don't use the internet on my computer much--mostly use it on my iPhone) so I called the number back (863) 256-2191 and it kept going directly to voicemail. I left several messages to no avail so I decided to Google Exede and I called their 800 number. The rep there immediately told me they have no promo and they definitely had no plan for $19.99 or $29 a month, that their lowest plan was around $60 and I told them that is NOT what I was told. I was told that I was guaranteed $19.99 for 12 mo with no contract.

When they looked at my account, they said my plan would be a little over $80/mo (what I was paying Spectrum for 50!) and that I was on a 2 year contract. I asked to be transferred to the cancellation dept because this was not acceptable. I spoke with a very nice gentleman (unfortunately, I can't remember his name) and explained the stituation and gave him the phone number that had contacted me and he immediately said "Superior Installation" and told me that they are a subcontractor. I told him that they needed to get rid of them A S A P because the sales rep that contacted me blatantly lied about every aspect of their service.

He explained he had no control of that but that he was in the process of typing up a complaint about it. I told him I wanted to cancel and I would not pay any early termination fees since I felt that I was not only in the middle of a bait and switch nightmare but that she had also lied about there being no contract. I demanded to speak with a supervisor. He put me on hold and then came back about 4 minutes later and told me that he had spoken to a supervisor and that they would refund all of my money and send me a postage paid box to return the equipment.

I feel VERY FORTUNATE of the result after reading so many reviews of the problems they had in getting a resolution. My complaint is not about Exede as I felt they handled this situation professionally.

This review is about the TOTAL SCAM that Superior Installations is. I have no idea why this company has not been eliminated as a subcontractor for Exede but felt I needed to get this out there on the net for anyone else who may receive a call from this company after signing up for DirecTV services.

Product or Service Mentioned: Internet Installation.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: I would like Exede to terminate this subcontractor .

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