This site is a total scam, and I was *** enough to fall for it. Sign up for free, get a very credible looking message from a person in your area, even with correct details that look genuine.

And then...

Plop down your money and RECIEVE NOTHING. I was quite cordial with all supposed responses, and played exactly by the rules, and I did not recieve a single reply after paying.

Not even a "gee, I thought you were nice, but changes my mind." I don't know who's the bigger ***-*** Matches, or me for falling for it. Do NOT waste your money on this scam site folks.

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I used work for hornymatches the owner is located in Jaco puntarenas costa rica the number is 506 26431620 the owner name is bryan and second owner is sylvia paskel she is dutch blond woman and bryan is blond from usa . They pay to people to pretend they are a real members they are not reals just fake. He pay for every meses 09 cents dollars per every message.


Is this about HorneyMatches.com again? Because I can't believe how many people really pay to sign up for that site.

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