Tools, you sell tools don't you? Were is the category like power tools, wood working tools, etc.

It cost a lot of money just to drive around and look for a product that you need.

On your web page you don't list any tools or specials you might have going on with them. The price of gas is going to keep going up, even if it's going down now latter it will be higher.

If I can not shop for what I need on line, so I can drive to the store that has it. You will probably not get My business.

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Cedar, Michigan, United States #28593

You are the biggest dumb @$$ ever! Who complains about stuff like this? no life having losers!!!!

Cedar, Michigan, United States #28591

You are beyond retarded. you actually took the time to complain about this?

end your life now, do the rest of the world a favor!

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