I authorized them to take out 1000 for deposit-they took 1400, now overdrawn. wont return phone calls, emails.

After 3 days, got ahold of 'Gina' in accts. Asked for my $ back, and cancel service. She said 'look, I'm going home 'cuz I've got better things to do than sit here & argue with you, besides read your contract-no refunds'. My contract says 'no refund for services'.

I had not recieved a service-they dont even have my w-2's or ANY of my info. I'm in deep trouble!

check the BBB on them! Poor PR!

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Who took your money?


I think I had the same thing happen, but I stayed on them and they gave part of my money back.


Looks like you should get online and do a search for your states local attorney generals office and file an online complaint against them. It works, I preach it all the time cause it worked for me a few times now.

When ya get onto your states AG website look for consumer protection, then in there look for consumer protection laws. After filling in the complaint and your short story of what happened, copy and paste from the consumer protection webpage to the complaint page any laws that you feel are related to your issue. Guess what? Just think of how you would feel if the AG sent you a letter about fraud and so on?

Also how the AG is opening mediations in a consumers name? Well it worked very well for me 4 different times, so go get em and file that complaint..

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