this is a fraud site; they are takeing peoples money and telling them they would be able to chat to other humans but they never do. it's like being in a room full of bots.they tell you you can visit as a standard user but yiu cant send or receive messages until you become a silver or gold member.then when you pay the money you can only send the messages but you get no messages in return.

people are sending you messages befor you join once you join the same people that where sending you the messages come to a complete stop.it,s just a gimmic to get you to join the site and it,s not cheep 35.00 and for what? nothing you will never talk to any one. you will receive winks and that,s about it.

i am very upset about this and think something should be done shuting them down would be nice. yours truly frankie black

Monetary Loss: $35.

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You can find me there, what do you see?

Yes this is a scam.. Pay, play and get well you were all lookinging to get screwed????? Thank you, monies fine, just a little more please, OK?

I was that ***!!!

How can you send the clap to pictures?



this country is GREAT!!!! Find a way


just like any other dating site, they are all fraud


someone should spam their website


yes it's a scam, you get winked at before joining, but you get nothing after you join, you can even see some photos of the same person in many countries, it's a total scam, they have their staff sending fake messeges to prtend that people are interested in you , but they don't have any real members except those been sucked in, but they do have lots of FAKE members, some photos may be of already dead models.

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