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I just received a call from an old friend that hired an attorney from Wilens and Baker.

The Attorney was paid $4,000 because he told my friend that he would help him with a case and an immigration problem.

My friend just called me from jail to say that he was still given a full sentence and is now waiting for a possible deportation. No help from the Attorney.

I understand that the Attorney appeared on court 4 times.

It is my feeling that my friend was taken advantage of because he is an illegal immigrant.

It is a terrible shame that must not be left unchallenged.

My assumption must be that this happens often, but those who are hurt are broke and powerless to pursue justice.

By the grace of God....I am neither broke or powerless.

If you have been taken advantage of by this company, please respond.

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I discharged Wilens and Baker and asked for refund. Wilens told me that i owe him money and if i don't pay today he's gonna drag me to court.

the fact is that i gave him 2500 $ and there hasn't been any work done.

I can't afford 5000$ fee i was honest with him and now he wants to sue me.

what a scammer.

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