In August '07, when arriving in Las Vegas for vacation, I found a Palm Treo (phone / PDA retailing for ~ $650) just outside of the airport. Cynical enough to believe that if I turned it into the airport 'lost and found', the odds of it being returned to its' owner were slim to none. Heck, I was on vacation, so I decided that I would have enough time to do the right thing - - get it back to its' owner myself.

Having reached the owner (who had returned to her home in Boise, ID from Las Vegas earlier that day), I was showered with thanks and praises and promises to reimburse shipping - plus pay a 'finder's fee' - for getting it back to her. I also had to hear a few hard-luck stories, and how she really needed something nice to happen to her at this point in her life.

The next day I found the most convenient way to get it back to her, and just before mailing, called to make sure the charges were acceptable. Did she want overnight delivery? The next day being Saturday, would she pay extra for Saturday delivery? Of course! It was only $41.00, and having access to the business-contact information in her phone was invaluable.

The phone went out with a copy of the shipping bill and with my address, where the check should be mailed. I wouldn't even consider charging her for my cell-phone-roaming charges (for the calls I made to her) - that would be petty. And there is no 'finder's fee' to be paid when someone genuinely just wants to do a favor.

A few days after she should have received it, I asked her (via e-mail) to confirm she had received it. Yes, she had, and would be mailing a check that day.

I have never gotten reimbursement, despite a number of follow-up e-mails. I am now asking her for another $4.00 for my cell phone charges - a total of $45.00. She is stiffing me for $45.00. It makes me think that her hard-luck situations may have been brought on herself.

Her name is Tonya Elton (208-713-XXXX) and her web site is www.tonyaelton.net. Apparently she works for Keller Williams Realty in Boise, Idaho
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Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #123805

Dear Good Samaratin,

You need professional help. Please pray for forgiveness from God for your evil actions here.

Satan has overtaken your mind. I talked to my minister and he has agreed to do an exocism on you. Please give your name, address,and telephone number so that we can arrange a time.

I will pray for your soul. God will forgive you, just pray.


Tonya Elton not only stiffs people when it comes to $, she likes to "stiff" male clients in the homes she listed as a real estate agent. She slept with a mentally ill married old man in his daugther's houses listed with her and ruined his family.

She is a piece of work! Hopefully she is never allowed to sell real estate again. It is being reported to the Idaho Real Estate Board of Commission. I see a so-called friend of hers accused the good samaritan of being a psychopath.

There is one person to be labeled a psychopath and that is Tonya Elton!

If anyone is going to get their KARMA (as her friend KARMA wrote), it's going to be Tonya. Oh yeah, Tonya's life is filled with hard-luck stories, she creates the whole bloody mess herself!

Selma, North Carolina, United States #17027

How dare you post trash like that about tonya...what a busy Body!!!...do you seriously just go around trying to find ways to run actual good people through the mud...YOUR SICK!!!...and how dare you post her personal info over the net...I hope someone does that to you...you deserve it!!!...your one attention deprived sick B****!!!!

Selma, North Carolina, United States #17026

I have known about this little comment for quite some time,and I had hoped that the woman who had wrote this trash might have had a change of heart and seen what an awful thing to say and do to someone by posting lies and personal information over the web...I am a very patient person and I feel that enough time has been given to right this wrong that has been done to a very loving, honest ,and sincere person...I would have to say,"one of the best" as far as how the world is today...This would be for you!!!the woman who has stated to be a GOOD SAMARITIN...KARMA'S coming for you,and with a bit of help,it will be soon!!!Take that how you wish,but what you will recieve is what you dish...heed this warning carefully and choose your choices wisely...so get out of the habit of people bashing or it may be YOU next!!!!.."TIT FOR TAT"...do you understand THAT!!!...KARMA'S a ***!!!

Peoria, Illinois, United States #15456

Ya why dont you take this off here now that you did receive the money and have cashed the check since then????? You know she sent that check before you even wrote this...it was probabably sitting in your mailbox you b****....What kind of hobag are you to even be trippin over $45?? Shame on you anyways and take your addittional $4.00 cell phone roaming charges and shove it up your a**.

Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia #816

tonya sent u an email that went into your junkmail. she tried to contact you and then when ur phsyco *** called her at 3 am THREATENING her..

yea she didnt return your call! Hello. Shove the $... Next time actually be a good samaritan...

they samaritan means you dont expect anything.. and u went phsyco before even getting ahold of tonya for an explanation.


So before we go bashing good peoples names why dont we tell the whole story. Also, you cashed the check you recieved from her after you posted this, retard!

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