My mom has ben seeing a guy Richard for 6 years. One day I was being snoopy and I went threw his texts. Low and behold there was several texts talking about him coming back to stay with her and she cant wait to lay next to him.

When comfronted he said Tonya Elton is his charity case and he feels bad because her husband is in prison for rape. He said she was dealing with her drug addiction.

Way to pick them girl!!!!!!!! PS My mom has left him and he is all yours Tonya Elton of Boise Idaho

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Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #123804

I am shocked that good Christian WOMEN spend their time and resources taunting and harassing others on websites of this nature.

Chritina Poole aka "Joni" is in need of professional help. She uses her daughter name here to beg sympathy from others.

Joni, God is watcbing you. You need to go to your bible and read and read and read. Your actions here are an indication that Satan is in control of your mind. Please pray for deliverance from Satan that you will no longer post all these crazy things about people you do not know.

Joni, shouldn't this post be about your husband Richard and not about Tonya? Is your husband the one who pursues single women and lies to them about being divorced? Is your husband the one who tells these women that he divorced you because you are frigid and he can't stand the sight of you? I go to your church. I am single and your husband did the same things with me. Richard is a sex addict and you are the anti-christ. REPENT FOR YOUR SINS JONI. GOD IS WATCHING YOUR ACTIONS, REPENT JONI, REPENT!



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