been trying to short refi for over a yr..due to our paycuts cant afford our monthly mortgage..on 2 seperate occasions they told me we could live in our motorhome since we have one and we needed to short sale our house..i told them your kidding..we went thru our childrens college savings fund to keep the payment up..now we havent paid in 2mos have been calling them every other day get someone different each time..they twist your words very cruel and mean all paperwork has been submitted but they continue to say its been approved..so now the financial party that was trying to help us cant anymore because we are over 2mos late we started this back in january and its almost jan again called to make a payment and they transferred me to a mangers voicemail who never called me back..its like they want to keep putting me off and not finalize anything and i dont know what to do..if i didnt have my 6 and 8yr old i wouldnt care

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