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i just want to let you'll know this bit of information so you'll can know what type of person you'll have working for the company. A worker by the name of Stephanie at the location in fort worth on lancaster has broke up a family by having an affair with my husband.

This all ties up together because this person involves her time off for lunch breaks to do so. I just think it's important for this company's employees to be a little dignified and not involve job hours to do this type of things.

I'm sure you'll customers would not appreciate it if they have to run into a situation like i did with one of you'll workers or with this individual.

Thank you sincerely,...

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Etoile, Kentucky, United States #54298


Let him go, AIDS is for real, and it can happen to you. Tounge is spelled T-O-N-G-U-E. :p

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