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Does anyone really ever get to use these and if so, aren't the hotels dumps? I dumbly even PAID to stay at a sunterra resort even tho they OWED me the free nights and then gave me a "voucher" when I complained to the BBB, instead of refunding me my money!

Of course, 2 years now and I still can't get "accomodations" anywhere!

I have seen many complaints regarding these "offers" and am surprised as to me, it's basically false advertising and the same problems even if it's "inhouse" and you have a phone number to contact them!

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Royal Elite has the worst customer service ever known.. a timeshare membership shouldn’t being sold for the purpose of renting it out for a profit.

it is not an investment. you should be able to do a research about the company before signing, if you are not allow to take a couple days to consider a purchase as big as a timeshare membership, you shouldn’t purchase it at all.

This is another forum with more complaints made to Royal Elite timeshare sales tactics, we are not the only ones.. this needs to stop:


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