Well, we the consumers the ones that need to consume and use financing need to all stop using the finance companies. Go to your local bank if they can't help then just pay cash for what you can afford and save when it comes to cars.

When you lose your job they wont wait. We all see these executives get over the top salaries, not counting the perks and deferred compensation they get. They are making hundreds of thousands a year to make these decisions.

It all starts at the beginning with houses.

Everyone wants a house, but why the tax break on interest from paying a bank on a mortgage, or more why not get that same break for renters. Why can't you deduct rent too on your Federal Taxes. Well it's giving breaks to the ones that can afford a house but not the ones who cant. If your single and don't own a house you still have to pay rent.

Oh, the landlord gets the breaks that is why they own the building. If you could not make money on houses they would not invest in them, house prices would come down even more and maybe people who make DOUBLE the minimum wage could afford them. People who need a house to live in. The whole system is messed up and the rich will keep getting richer and the poor poorer.

They get the best of everything.

Economics says the U.S. will be a service industry more and more. The government want the money wheel to spin faster so they can get more taxes.

So create all these rules that will hit you in the pocket. Lawyers, we have more here than any other country ......why? Is it for justice or is it to keep them all employed. If people didn't screw each other and and and went back to common mutual agreements would we need so many of them.

Do you think you and I will get a good one unless we pay big bucks? Let's start creating common sense mediator's to resolve things and circumvent the system.

Who knows when you do need one you they might be cheap enough for the common fold to be able to afford one.

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