Publix - Dont Buy the FROZEN FISH-Contaminated

Hello I am writing because I LOVE Publix stores but I am concerned about the frozen fish that is sold. I eat fish on a daily basis, was buying the frozen Tilapia but I started to notice that after it thawed out it turned green and was bad.

So I switched to the Swai frozen Fish. Everything was great for a few months. Recently I ate a piece of Swai and ended up throwing up violently after eating it. I thought okay no big deal just a random bad piece.

So I got another one and same thing violently ill again. I called and spoke with the manager of the department to let him know what was going on with his frozen fish and that people are getting very sick from them. He showed no concern at all and was just like thanks bye. He didn't care one bit about his customers getting sick from his product.

I was not looking for any free handouts, I just want to eat my fish and NOT get sick! Show some concern at least! I am now hesitant to shop at Publix because I refuse to buy product from two different stores.

I have to find another place to get my fish now because I am afraid to eat the Publix brand. I will be spreading this around so people are aware.


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In the past year I’ve noticed the quality of fish drop in stores across Florida and treasure coast. I refuse to eat it anymore because it tastes and smells like bait.

My neighbor was throwing up yesterday within 15 mins of eating frozen tuna fillet. Somebody isn’t doing there job

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