I was unawair of the extra fees and extra monies being taken from my account that was not applied to my loan and now I am paying more than the loan by double and then some.

I am a single mother of two and needed cash to pay some bills and now I'm screwed for more money than I have and was unaware of having to pay. Christmas is around the corner and I don't have that much money for my children because I'm out almost $400 plus and I have bills to pay.

I work 40 hours at a regular job and thought that this would help me ove the hump til I get paid and it did until my payments were never applied to the loan but just in the pockets of the employer-employees which in my eyes is basically steeling money from the poor which is me.

The webcite never states anything about paying the extra fees and never stating anything about extensions, it just said it had a great payment schedule with little fees that would not exceed the amount due, but it has and then some.

Please return with some information on how to get my money back and to stop them from taking any more money.

thank you for your attention to this matter.

Amy Paolino

unhappy customer

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