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I have had a loan ongoing for 4 years, I do have problems paying on time, but I always get caught up and never have got 3 payments behind sometimes 2 but never 3. I am harassed threatened and talked to like trash every time I need to pay a little late.

Threats like ' I am coming to your house"" to get my car, (collateral). They have repossessed my $10,000 car 2 times now. The loan was down to $1,800 and they convinced me I had to rewrite the loan!!!!! I must be crazy because now the balance is $3,000!!!!

I am going to pay this loan off soon and I suggest to anyone needing a loan, NEVER GO WITH GENERAL FINANCE!!!!! THEY ARE RUDE, COLD, AND PLAIN OLD MEAN!!!!!!!

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You are upset because you get harassing phone calls because you are often 60-90 days late in payments? How is General Finance "mean" when you are an *** and do not pay your bills on time?

They want their money.

You would too. Wow, you are truly an ***.

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