I am very angry with this service! It seems to be a complete ***.

I signed up only the other day for 3 months and have had no replys at all! Whoever designed this sight deservs a good kick in!! I have sent many emails, requests to other so called users who seemed to be on my case before i had joined HornyMatches, and now not a single reply!!

I would like to have a full refund as soon as possible, and could you please take me off your fake site once you have done this?? It seemed to me as a genuine site at first but reading complaints from other users, i have realised that it is a complete ***!

Monetary Loss: $85.

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@ Irish

After 5 years magazines don't cut it. After a while the need for touch is actually greater than the need for sex...


Don't you think we deserve all this? We should've checked and read about this fraudulent site before we got into this *** situation where we are ripped off our money.

You don't know a crook only after you are you are conned by him.

Honrymatches are the worst rip-off. Beware guys, they run other sites under variant names.

Angry Kelly

Can't get laid, huh? 8)


Yes, it seems that HornyMatches.com is a spam. I mean, a huge spam.

That's why we are pissed. We are not so pissed when the spam is tiny, like my spam: I advertise RealHornyMatches.com as a stress-eliminating alternative.


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This is a fraudulent dating site that I have been monitoring for many months. When you sign up for the free trial service you get winks and e-mails right away.

I let this go on for a couple of weeks and received about a dozen or so e-mails from women "highly interested" in me. In order to respond to these women you have to become a paying member.

Once you become a paying member these women suddenly disappear. The profiles on this site are obviously fraudulent and are used simply to "sucker in" paying members.

I have submitted complaints to the Arizona Attorney General and the US Attorney General.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #167539

You joined a site called horneymatches.com, serves you right. Next time you get *** just buy a bunch of nudie magazines from a gas station pit stop.

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