This place is atotal scam.They take your money and then your on your own.They advertise all these jobs in the paper but when you go look them up on their computer they do not exist.Check out their adds in the spokesman review(Sunday Nov.14 2010).All listed by NWE, call so we can take your $185.Once you have paid(CASH ONLY!!!),they will sit you in front of their computer to start your job search.WOW,SUPRISE!!! none of those jobs listed in the paper exist.They will tell you that those jobs have been filled or deleted.Its kind of funny that those same ads run week after week.Let me ask you this NWE,why dont you delete these adds if they have been filled? Oh, thats right you just want that $185 from another unemployed person which could of been used for gas or other real job resources.Do not get ripped off like many before you this place is a scam.If you dont beleave me look in wednesdays adds and see the same jobs posted.What a joke!!!Ive heard others talkin about the BBB,well I will follow.FALSE ADVERTISING!!!

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