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STORE# 247 IN COLLEGE PARK GA. store manager roderick young called me reguarding my account.

he was very unprofessional and nasty. how could you hire a person like him to represent your company. he needs to resign like yester year.

The company need to apologize to me for having such an non caring about his job and customers. I want a face to face apologize from him or i will take my bussiness and some other of your customer's that i know which i wish i never told them about arron's rent for this i apologize to them.

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"Store manager roderick young called me regarding my account"

Hrm, you told us nothing about what you did wrong to have the Store manager call you. Do you think they just pick random people out of the stores database and call them for the fun of it?

Would seem weird to me if they did. So, come on what did you do wrong?

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