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This is the worst company I have ever dealed with!I have an excellent credit and I always, always send my payment before the due date wich is the first of every month!

I have worked for mortage banking for over 30 years and I already know the song and dance that these people give you. These company sucks! I called them today and they had me on hold for 30 minutes before a supervisor took the call. They were trying to blame not receiving my payment on the post office.

I told them that I have been mailing my payments in for the last 30 years for different houses I have and they were received just fine. Do you think they cared? No!

If you have a choice about not working with this company, DO NOT!It will keep you save your sanity!


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Thank you so much. I'll be sure to stay away from "one BAD company". What a bonehead.

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