took my car in for serpentine belt, ended up they said i needed a tire , so i got one,,plus an oil change. They were completely done with the car,talking to adviser and mentioned that jiffy lube said i had a oil leak.

First they said no, then went back and came back that they said my manifold and all parts were showing massive leak,, estimate of 900.00. Didnt do it, but went home,,,checked my oil level and they put 2 xtra qts of oil in it first of all. That was a year ago,,,and only have put in 1/2 qt of oil since, no oil anywhere on driveway.

Now the serpentine belt breaks and they said they will honor the belt under warranty but are saying the harmonic balancer needs replaced for a total of 400.00. Took it to another repair shop,,,said all it needs is the belt .And heres the kicker, had to have the car towed cause of the belt, to find out they took the others belts and kept them

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