the coffee is good, its the operation that sucks.they take your money and send you coffee weather you order it or not.

and go into your bank account like it belongs to them. they got my last June and they just decided to take my money for nothing in return. everywhere you turn theres someone waiting to rip you off.

i was going to open a new account for christmas gifts but since they decided to open one for me without asking, no thanks.ill buy my gifts from the store,get robbed anyway but at least i can see whos robbing me.

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The insurance company refused to cancel car insurance when I called to cancel !I said I'm canceling the account & they refused saying they cannot cancel it until I provide written proof

that the car is insured by some another company...

It is not my car, I told the agent and I will not be paying the insurance any longer ! The agent refused to stop taking money from my account ! I closed the bank card out, thought it was over & come to find out they STILL TOOK MY MONEY FROM THE ACCOUNT ! I want to sue them, drive to FL and scream at them "who the *** do you think you are !

? " But instead here I sit almost broke over this ***. What a load of ***.


I want my money back !I SAID NO.


It sounds very familiar to a problem of my own, but I don't know who you are writing about. Can you clarify?

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