To everyone out there,I have been out of work for two years I look on every single news paper & web site high and low,when I became pregnant I found out my drug exposed children's therapeutic program's were being closed down and no more funding ! I have every single rejection letter 142 to be exact on unemployment for 1 year.

I have have only 12 interviews if I was lucky, and I have ton of experience in "Early Childhood and Social Services not too many have called for interviews,nor have I found anything that succeeded over 30 hours of work I specifically need 40 or more like my old job (which paid a great salary and covered daycare expences and my home)Nepetism is so high too.

Seriously,I can't $#@ing find anything to pay my expenses including the threats of van roo from college I'm am consulting with our Connecticut's States Attorney General Bloomenthol check your area) they are not supposed to threatenyouwhen I told them to go ahead do what you have to do take me to court or garnish my husbands wages garnish my she dodn't know what to say except for body attachment ..they try to make a commission on threats!

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