Jewett City, Connecticut

Last winter their driver spilled oil in my basement too. He overfilled both of my 275 gallon tanks.

Which caused the oil to spray all over my siding and on the ground, which was obvious due to the snow on the ground. I went into the basement and underneath both tanks it was all down the side of the tanks, and underneath. I bought some kitty litter to try to soak it up until someone could come out and take care of the problem. I called and left a message with the receptionist.

Nobody called. I put in many calls over several days. Finally I phoned my lawyer, this got their attention real fast. Fred the manager called and whined about getting my lawyer involved.

He was rude, rude, rude. I kept my cool, decided to be the professional one about it. He had excuses like we are so short on drivers, don't have time to get to everybody due to the cold winter. Truly I don't care that they are short staffed.

He did a *** poor job cleaning it up.

In the end I scrubbed everything myself, dug up the contaminated dirt and scrubbed down the siding on the house.

I don't trust this oil company, and never plan on using them ever again, and I make darn sure to let anyone I come into contact with to not use them, or I too will hear their horror story.

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