I placed these specific adoption balloons weeks in advance and also an order for christening balloons. I ordered two huge helium balloons as well.

The day of the party, they had dropped off the balloons and three were deflated. The two huge ones and one of the adoption balloon. I called and told them they need to come back and replace the deflated balloons, I also told them not to worry about the small balloon, but please take care of the huge ones. My nephew loves cars and trains and I specially ordered those two as well.

They gave me a problem regarding this and so I told them, disregard this whole phone call i will deal with the balloon issue myself. I dont know why, but the women came behind my back and removed all the balloons from my party. I still do not understand why they did that when the only issue we had were the two big balloons.

I had no balloons and my nephew cried all day asking where are his balloons? on top of all this, i still did not get my refund as they promised!

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