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This company is good. I was insured. When going to the Oak Park, MI office, the clerk Carol; would quote me the upcoming amount to pay, and I paid cash; "she" said, thank you; gave me a receipt, and I left.

Next payment, same thing; "she" quote the price and I pay it. Then the first cancellation of my policy occurred; went in the office immediately, after work. She reinstated me, to my surprise, and more money.

This happened a second time. Currently, disconnected again. This is what I can afford now.

Please and Thank You--HELP; I'll call, asap!!!

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Myrtle Point, Oregon, United States #17552

Switch from "They" Company to "Them" Company. Much better.

Thanks for the heads up though. I will be sure to avoid "They" (or was it "Them"?)

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