Even though they have been told to not contact me at work, they have an alternate number, they continue to call me.They will talk to ANYONE who answers the phone and make it VERY CLEAR they are a debt collector.

Pretty sure that's not legal.

I can hardly understand the guy that keeps calling - his accent is horrible but he has such an American name, how could he be misrepresnting himself?(That's a funny) He's a total *** when he calls and even though each time they call me at work they assure me that they won't again, they do the same thing over and over.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #216323

Pay your bills and you won't have this problem. I bet you gave your work number as your land line just so they won't keep bothering you. They can take you to court for not paying your bills you know.


You HAVE to put it in writing!!!Send a registered/certified letter to the collection agency, describing exactly what you are objecting to, and they HAVE to honor the request.

Simply telling them on the phone isn't enough. It has to be in writing. Tell them, too, so you won't get called again, not to call you AT All, and they have to honor that. BTW, if you threaten them with a lawsuit for violating the fair credit laws, etc., they'll stop bothering you all together.

I got $5,000 taken off my credit-card bill because the company mistakenly placed the account with a collection agency that broke every law relating to debt collecting. Stand up to them, but put it in writing. Further, let the original creditor know what this agency has been doing to you in terms of violating the law. You never know.

You might get them off your back, ultimately.

Look up the federal law.It's on the Fair Trade Commission's Web site.

La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #212960

No, it isn't legal for a bill collector to speak to anyone besides the person with the account. Call a lawyer. Whining on here won't do any good, especially when you don't mention the name of the company.

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