I think they should help a person pay them instead of having rules to stop them from paying them I cannot pay them the money they are asking for right now because i am off work because of a injury, and i have to have surgery, so I will start submitting to them 25 dollars a month until the economy changes, and I am back at work. Now if they do not accept that I do not know what to tellthem because thats all i have to spared, this company is the only company that is not working with me.

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What about hard-ship money, do you not understand. It's called, save up for when times are hard.

Then you would not have to worry about 25.00 a month.. You would just pay them off. Oh well.

There is a bright side. We take back America on 01 / 20 / 2013

Killingworth, Connecticut, United States #263396

So which is it? You say you aren't working because of an injury and then it's "...25 dollars a month until the economy changes...".

What does the economy have to do with your injury? You sound like a freeloader who wants something for nothing.

You aren't telling the whole story either. If you want sympathy go find a website that deals in that sh1t.

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