I filled out an application as we all do. I listed hopeful payoffs to other credit cards.

The account was approved for only $2,000. I had no idea what line of credit I would have. I told them I was dis-appointed at the low limit and had nicelt discused with them to please close the account as I had no use for it. They kndly did so immediately.

That was on Dec 1st 2010. On Dec, 18th they sent me a notice stating that they had paid $1,750.00 to one of my credit cards. Ok The account was closed, has did they do that. The said they would investigate, I can never get an answer.

Now I have to make a payment before the deadline, or full interest rate will apply. That was 3 dyas ago, they still did not post my payment.

Watch, the next thing you know I will be paying 19.9% interest. is there no help for this fraudulent activity?

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