I received a $10,000 loan for badly needed dental work. The payments were suppose to be direct debit at $240/mo. with no interest. Well, the debit was never taken and by the time I noticed, I was a month behind. I tried to work it out with them but they started charging interest and every payment was considered late thereafter. I get paid 1 time/mo. on the 20th and my payments were due the 17th. They would not budge to change my due date even by 3 days. Never use this company!!! It's a nightmare!! I have paid more in interest than for the original loan.

Before you borrow, they make it sound like it's the answer to all your problems. All they really do is take hold of your life and squeeze everything out of you that they can. They don't care anything about you as a human being as long as they can make as much money from you as possible.

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