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yes we had a loan mod.we've been trying sell but our mortgage is to high to sell.so we asked for a short refi to help us sell or keep it if we couldn't sell.they were all up for it at first till they found we were really serious then came up these charges for lawyers,appraisal's,and bunch of other things they never mention in the beginning.they also said they would have to see if i qualified for a loan that i already have with them.we to want to keep our but with the way everything is it is hard.when we got our loan mod they said we would have to put our insurance and taxes with our payment making it go back up to almost what it was.

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you may not see it. but the britsh are coming.

thay have taken over all the security co.s such as brinks, burns, pinkerton,and about all the banks and morgage co.s. there next step is to make us all homeless.then take over will be easy.

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