The tow company towed away my car which I had lent to my daughter's boyfriend. I am 40 miles away from them, I live in the middle of the country at the bottom of a mountain and have no fax machine.

The tow company wants a copy of my license and a note with signature saying that the boyfriend can pick up the car. So I called them and say, "Look I can scan my license and signature but I can't climb the mountain to get to a store that has a fax machine." "Oh, no", the tow man says, "It must be a fax." Although he can not intelligently or otherwise explain why it must be a fax rather than a scanned email. There is no difference, they are both copies. Does he think that a fax is like star trek and it's beamed there?!

I have found others who also are fax addicted but they can't explain why.

If one can't explain why than it's time to question the logic. I wish we could get a public service message out their saying, "A scan is no different than a fax."

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