Millers Creek, North Carolina

Iam from 1948 to today and things as stated are no more.Thanks to the corporates greed and obcession of money the US is no longer #1.All the plants,factories and many other ways for U.S born and raised people to even exist is gone or will be deleted shortly because of the greed and over whelming fight for to be rich.Companies have moved to other countrys not because materials are cheaper.The real reason comes down to the fact that people in these other countrys will work for much less wages than americans will.The real facts is take Mexacons;they take american jobs here in our own country even for less pay putting americans out of work and guess what everyone here is all for that and nothing said until there job is taken and an alian takes there position,then they start bitchen.Now its down to where there are no jobs in the united states because of the stated facts above.Companies no longer care about the american citizens,but only a way to cut having to spend their money and filling their pockets and get even much richer.The America is no more.

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