I reside at 3736 crest drive in MACON,when i first ordered the service i told the representative that i did not have a phone line and that i was leaving town and would not be back for about 3 months, he assured me that upon my return that once i install a phone line my bill would drop 10.00. Well once i returned and now have a phone i am told i cannot have my bill lowered because it is over 3 months since it was installed, but the procedure calls for removing a piece of hardware and routing the system through the phone line that i now have but when i talked to the representative i was told that it would take the installation of another piece of expensive eqiupment and so it could not be done, so i guess i don't have to say that i found out that was not the truth. I can't understand why the lie when you can clearly use that piece of equipment elsewhere and have a satisfied customer.

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