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I keep getting notices that I need to pay up to get Simple and Delicious. Hello!!! I do not want to keep receiving it so please stop the harassment. Take my name from your files and do not bother me again. The magazine has changed so much that it is not the one I used to look forward to receiving. There is far too many

written commercials and not enough good recipes. I am dropping all of your magazines and I have repeatedly written and tried to stop them but some one is not doing their job.

Elly Slavinsky

12500 Barker Cypress Rd

Apt 12107

Cypress, TX 77429

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This is a website for posting complaints for other consumers to see. This site does not contact the company that you're unhappy with.

You need to actually contact the magazine to cancel your subscription; not this site.

But thanks for posting your address for the entire internet to see!

I might send you a card or something. :zzz

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