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On our very first cruise back in 2016, and our very first encounter with PWG, we purchased a number of items. One happened to be The Lightouse by Chris DeRubeis, which was not a small amount of money to buy.

Now this art piece was an individual artwork, as explained by the PWG aution team. We appreciated this, however, the artwork shown onboard the ship at teh time, and an image that of the same piece on teh PWG website showed a lighthouse with a bright illuminous light at the top of the structure. The piece we received, eventually, barely had a colour being shown at all. Practically no "light" shown at all.

Totally fdetracted from the "lighthouse" meaning. We immediately contacted PWG, to say how disappointed we were with the piece. From the beginning, they were extremely helpful. After numerous emails, and a small passing of time, we finally were able to ship the art back to PWG for the original artist to touch up the piece to resemble the display pieces (restore not replace).

However, after all the time taken to get the issue to the point to get the art back to PWG, it immediatly reappeared on our doorstep a week or so later, totally untouched. We again set out to have the piece worked on, with my wife actually contacting Chris by social media. He was quite helpful and said he would work on our artwork himself to bring it up to our expectations after seeing the photos of the item we had. Again, we were finally able to send back the piece at PWG's expense, after much frustration of little to no replies to emails, and no contact.

This time, a few weeks passed, only to have the art turn back up untouched. I regected the delivery from FedEX, which meant this was to return the delivery to PWG. Emails were sent again - with no replies. It has now come back to us for a third time, unchanged again.

We bougth this art work back in May 2016. We have tried many, many times to email information and chase the PWG person up.

Very, very disappointed, and will not be prepared to buy from the gallery until this issue is sorted. It is a huge shame, as we have bought quite a substantal quanity of art from PWG, with this being the only negative I can comment on, but the way it has been handled has left ashes in my mouth.




We tried to buy The Lighthouse from PWG and had a horrible experience!


OMG! No reputatable gallery would have some employee do a touch up on a piece!

No self respecting artist is going to agree to that, nor are they going to touch up a piece. So what does that tell you? The 'artists' they represent are hacks and this 'gallery' is setting a bunch of worthless copies to gullible people stuck on a cruise ship. This work is worth nothing.

It's not original, it is not recognized in the art world whatsoever and it is the art world equivalent of Beanie Babies-- mass produced with no resale value.

Sure, buy art because you like it-- but wow, what a difference you could make by supporting the artists in your local community or the communities you are visiting on a cruise ship instead of getting suckered in by this outfit.

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