The entire site is a complete and utter scam,they have taken pictures and details posted on other MEETING/DATING sites all over the world,i spoke to two women on another site told them their pictures were on there and they were completely sickened that Hornymatches had basically lifted their pictures and some info from the dating site they were on ( Udate) and reinvented them as someone entirely different.

As an eperiment i sent a wink to these so called women on Agematch,i was sent an almost immediate response from these two in a time zone that was 4.45 AM local time where they were alleged to be.

The wink thing is just a hook to *** people into sending them,you then get the fake response in reply from the bogus person that Hornymatches made up which triggers the "OH I WANT TO MEET HER/HIM "mechanism within the gullible public,as a result they then sit back and wait for the $$$$ chicken to start laying eggs in their lap,your never going to meet or contact this so called REAL person your replying to because they exist only as a gigantic lie to scam you for money..YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

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