I am often puzzled by the fact that people who live in the USA get so angry about the fact that other countries think of us as lazy, ***, and self-centered.Just read the posts on this site for awhile and it should become obvious why they feel that way.

There are literally dozens upon dozens of people here who make it apparent that they cannot speak English properly--or spell it, for that matter--in spite of the fact that it is their primary language. Frequently, it is the only language they know, and they still can't put together a legible sentence to save their lives. They refuse to properly capitalize, punctuate, or learn the uses of "they're/their", "hear/here", "you're/your", and the like. Half the time, it seems, the only words some people have any knowledge of how to use at all are curse words, and they can't spell those either.

If some of the people posting here communicate by mouth the same way they communicate using their keyboards, it's a wonder they're able to function around other people at all, because I can't imagine that anyone would be able to understand a thing they say. You really shouldn't manage to get past grade school until you are able to make yourself understood on some basic level. Not FORCE OTHER PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND YOU THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE UNDERSTOOD, but communicate in such a way that the other person can comprehend the message you are attempting to convey. It really does make us seem lazy and self-centered that so many of us can't be bothered to even learn to speak and write our own language properly.

Quite frankly, I find a lot of my so-called "fellow Americans" to be a huge embarrassment in this respect.Remember: "It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." Smash the moronocracy!

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Most of the time I don't understand the people I'm talking to, because they "DO NOT SPEAK GOOD AMERICAN LANGUAGE" An this is not good business, when you have big company's like this one. It's a shame!!! :sigh


I can understand and agree what you are saying about the grammar use on here etc.I am not the best at it as well.

But the one thing you have to remember is people that post their "I'm pissed" letter on here are doing it while they are mad or they start getting mad as they are writing it because they are thinking about it. When that happens your not thinking about your grammar. The next thing we have to remember is. This site is where someone will listen and someone can relate.

Most likely they didn't just come here to vent. I am sure they complaint to the store or to the person that they were upset about. Just today's society no one cares and it goes into one ear through the other so nothing changes. But posting it here and others read it and they could relate because they might have acted the same way as the person that caused the complaint in the first place, can change their ways knowing what pain in the butt they were in the first place.

:) Ok so that is far fetched, but I remain positive.:zzz


Why would I want to keep silent when I can have scintillating online conversations with upbeat, fascinating individuals like you?


Good idea! Why don't YOU keep silent? "Not FORCE OTHER PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND YOU THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE UNDERSTOOD, but communicate in such a way that the other person can comprehend the message you are attempting to convey" is not a complete sentence.

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