Zapopan, Jalisco

Good evening

My name is Vicente Ernesto Sánchez and I am writing from Morelia, Mexico.

I bought an Adult website from this company about 2 months ago paying $1250.

We signed a contract on which they told me that they could help me to earn money and promote my site and If I did not make like $45000 after 18 months they would give me a refund.

The made me a lot of promises and everything sounded great when they were trying to convince me to buy the site.

The first problem started when I took like 1 week to make the payment, since they started treating me by telling me that they would send me their lawyers If I did not pay quickly.

I paid the $1250 and they told me that I would get my money back in 2 weeks with their help, because they told me that they would help me to promote my website in a great way and that my business was something that my kids could inherit.

They have not done this, the only thing they have done is giving me a bunch of directories, which most of the times are not even popular, so I submit my website on them.

This is not the type of promotion they promise and I still have not earned money because my site is ranked in the last pages of these directories.

Could you please help me to get a refund from them? Their service is terrible and they have been very overbearing with me many times. Maybe because I am Mexican and I live in Mexico and they think that I could not defend my-self from them.

I hope you could help me because this company is terrible.

Thank you very much

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