I went to the company outlet on Research and Ohlan Road for my car's break work done. First, the so-called expert gave a big list of jobs to be done the cost of which would have exeeded $800 or so.

When we asked only the break work be done; they did it and charged us $127 or so. The job was such that all my wheels were pretty much jammed and were making noise each time I would apply breaks. I went back to get them fixed, they did some work but again the same problem. And when I pointed out the problem to the stoe manager, he came up with a huge job estimate stating that he would need to replace all four calibers and re-do the breaks again and all of which would cost a bundle.

I then felt that it is a rip off and should go somewhere else to get this problems fixed. This appears to be their standard practice to earn their business!!

I would not recommend it to anyone anymore!

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