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My pre-op was a voice mail. So not personal!

I did not receive any thing to calm my nerves before I was asked to walk to the operating room. I told the nurse I was scared. She Said "well there is nothing I can do about that". Very comforting words.

When I got on the table face down, my gown was opened revealing my entire backside before I was asleep. I was humiliated. The nurse wrenched my neck to the left even after I told her i had a bad neck. I couldn't move it for days.

The first thing I saw when she wrenched my neck was a big needle. That's what i remember before I went to sleep. On all of my paperwork I wrote that I could not have sugar. I was offered white crackers, gatorade, and apple juice.

Good thing I brought my own. I have had four surgeries and this experience was not professional or caring. My husband had outpatient surgery at Piedmont hospital.

It was a ver good experience for me. Next time I will go there.

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Do NOT use Piedmont - they killed my husband last year and are going to lengths to hide it. They lie and they do not care.

PLEASE be warned and do not use any Piedmont facility! :cry

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