Bought a washer and dryer and had a positive sales experience. However, delivery men made a mess of our laundry room and hallway. Water leaked out of our old washer and became dirty as they walked all over it and tracked it down the hall and out the door. They didn't attempt to clean up their mess or even acknowledge it.

We then discovered that the hot/warm/cold controls weren't working properly and called geek squad since we had purchased the service plan. We selected a 4 hour window that was offered. Next thing we knew, repair service called on the wrong phone number and left a message on our land line that they were coming during a different time than was agreed. We called back and they told us they had too many commitments during our time slot and they moved us to a different time slot that didn't work for us.

In the mean time, we had a plumber in the house for a different reason. He looked at the installation, told us that the hot and cold water lines had been crossed by the installers, and easily fixed the problem

Bottom line: Original delivery/installers installed the washer incorrectly and made a mess of our house to boot. Then they blew off our service appointment and we had a plumber fix the problem since we couldn't rely on them to come when they said they would. And....we paid for both the delivery and a 5 year service plan!

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