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A few months ago we had trouble with our land line telephone and called the company to get it fixed. A service technician (Glenn Fuller) came to correct the problem. He could not fix it at that time because he thought that it might be in the buried line between the house and the box at the road. WE tried to find the line but no luck so he came back and layed a new line on top of the ground so that we would have service and said that it would be buried very soon. The line is still not buried and winter is coming and it is hard to mow around this line.

Rick Morrison

86998 245th St

Albert lea, MN 56007


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Call them.I worked on a crew that was all they do.The other guy was to get you service as soon as possible.They were to put you on a list to have it buried.Sometimes the paper work .Just call so they can list you.

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