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Operators calling cell phone on the Do Not Call List. Then calling 5 times within 8 hour period after being told that NCO had a wrong number.

Called Supervisor and was told it takes 48 hours to remove the name from the call list.

*** companies that invade others privacy should be taxed at a higher rate.

Hopefully this company with go under like some of their counterparts.

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This is infuriating - I have now taken to listening to the whole message, pressing the button that allows me to speak to an operator and then ask the name of the company - it is always ACCOUNT SERVICES. When I mention I'm on a do not call list, they hang up!

They are burning up my cell phone minutes and I am quite angry about this - with two young children I have to pick up the phone when it rings just in case there is a change of plans or some other occurrence. WHAT TO DO!!!

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