I arrived and requested a soft body wave. The place was empty (I should have known).

I was immediate reassured yes this could be done. The gal collected rods/tissue papers..and handed them to me to hand up to her. Well the collection had used rollers (still with paper on them) there was loose hair in the collection. I continued to re-emphasis I wanted a soft wave...not Shirley Temple look...well you can guess it....I look like Shirley Temple -ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I saw the result I expressed my surprise and disappointment. She tells me this will last for 6 months. I tell her I just wanted a bit of body, curly head like she gave me....she looked shocked but then proceeded to instruct me not to wash my hair.

And then wanted me to buy hair products to keep it curly! I was furious...And I still had to pay $66 there was no native english speaker (they were all asia and english is second language.) in the business area.

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