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Does anyone else disagree with taxing people who are out of work through no fault of their own? Individuals didn't create the recession and all the job losses taking place.

Why can't the government waive paying in taxes for people who have no income?

And then there's unemployment.

It's a lifesaver for those who can get it; but it comes out of your former boss's pockets and all they have to do is say they fired you for misconduct and you're screwed. Whether it's true or not all the documentation you need to prove them wrong is locked up at the place you no longer work and by the time you get it via subpoena and get to your unemployment appeal you're out on the streets and your taxes are due.

After you get unemployment you find out it's roughly half of what you used to earn and if you manage to find work to help make up the difference and pay your bills - why the unemployment people subtract what you earned from the meager amount they're paying you so you can't make any headway.

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You ought to try being on the employer's end of this three ring circus ; the State of Whatever becomes your new BFF {{Redacted}} for the rest of your life.

The day you hire your first employee, your life changes forever.

You become a government stooge carefully monitored by other government stooges whose sole purpose in life is to wring you dry of operating capital while contributing nothing to production.

Then they have the unmitigated gall (in this state) of calling the taxation a "contribution" as if we're all good buddies here and want to help everyone else be happy and safe.

Money goes directly to Columbus, the Black Hole of Ohio ; where everything gets sucked in but never comes out.

While the state infrastructure crumbles, Columbus is full of ultra modern marble and gold State edifices. Not to mention a quarter of a BILLION dollars to restore a crumbling old statehouse while they slap tax liens against citizens for minor calculation errors or any number of possible blunders, including their own.

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