I wish parents were required to take parenting lessons and prove they will be able parents before bringing them home from the hospital.I am so sick of our government, teachers and school administrators being blamed for children failing to do well in school.

I am tired of our schools lowering standards to keep proficiency rates up. People who don't care about their kids should be neutered. I'm tired of paying for them through the welfare system. Unwed mothers shouldn't be able to garner any government support.

Either she can provide for her children or someone who wants to adopt can. I'm tired of paying!!!! Our tax dollars are paying for support of these people. Our tax dollars are being wasted at school on trying umpteen different ways to say 1+1=2 so kids of lousy parents can "get it".

I'ts not fair to those kids and it's not fair to taxpayers.

Anyone who wants to support these worthless people, go for it out of your own pocket.I give enough to charity without having it sucked out of my pocket by the tax man.

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