Woolco, now defunct, had parakeets on sale.

So Mom took the 3 of us, the birdcage, and the flyer, and we went to buy George III. Naturally, like his predecessors GeorgeI and George II, he had to be blue.

Aunt June just happened to be along. It was karma.

When the teen flunkie said to my mother that only the green birds were on sale, Mom was ready to tuck tail and go home, dejected. But not June. She read the ad out loud. No wording about blue or green birds. The Flunkie held fast to his guns. June called out the mgr. By now the ad was rolled in a menacing, train your dog the wrong way baton, and she was tapping the bottom of the cage with it. "We came here for a blue bird on sale, and we're not leaving without one."

George III was soon on his way home.

Ah, those were the days.

Thanks, Aunt June. Sit on my shoulder when I have to tap the cage, wouldja?

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