This company is a hybrid of The Owners Advocate that was owned by David Humphries located in Nashville TN.They are the single biggest scam on the planet.

DO NOT.....DO NOT give these parasites a dime. They will do nothing they promise.

The website is virtually the same exact website that the OWNERS ADVOCATE used. We contracted with these dirt bags September of last year and actually went to thier offices in Tennessee after being scammed by Bluegreen. They straight lied to our faces.

They told us that is the resort would not cooperate then they would find us and attorney.

What a load of *** lie that was.RUN!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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Mexico City, Capital District, Venezuela #1351446

Hope this information can help others to avoid timeshare scams http://www.myvacationrentals.net/timeshare-scams-top-10-signs/

Houston, Texas, United States #970365

I used to be a sales rep in the Timeshare industry.After being ripped off in the industry, I began helping people terminate them, and stop paying the maintenance fees.

If I can help call me.

Jeff Sanderford




David Humphreys is a former Wyndham timeshare salesperson who has been sued by Wyndham. The case is in US Bankruptcy court in Nashville, TN.

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